Business Start Up

Entrepreneurs can access our Basis of a Successful Business (BOSS) class. This is a chance to learn the basics of what must be considered when opening a business.

From there, our consultants with the OU SBDC work one-on-one to assist clients in developing their business plan and financial projections to help determine feasibility.

Market and Growth Strategies

We have access to powerful data tools used to complete comprehensive market research and better identify the target market for your business.

With the results, we guide clients to identify who their target market is geographically, demographically, and psycho-graphically.

Financial Analysis

We relish long standing relationships with our clients.

Over the years, clients have found it very beneficial for us to review financials on a routine basis. Monthly, quarterly, or annually, we can provide a non-biased analysis of a company’s financial performance.

Using the tools that we have available, we assist clients with identifying positive trends and solutions to continue similar results. We can also help find areas of opportunity where changes can bring increased profitability.

Through ratio analysis, we can determine the overall financial health of the company, as well as how financial results compare to peers within the industry. We also assist clients with the development of budgets to proactively manage future success.


By guiding a client through due diligence, we prepare them to evaluate opportunities for selling their business or purchasing an existing business.

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