Date(s) - Thursday, August 22, 2024
Time(s) - 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

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In Part 2 of this two-hour virtual training, Microsoft Office Excel, participants will learn Excel formulas, advanced formatting, and work with charts & graphics. Topics will include:

• Cell References
• What If Analysis
• Referencing Other Worksheets
• Using Subtotal Functions
• Conditional Functions
• Text Functions
• Absolute and Relative Cell References
• Data Validation
• Displaying and Printing Formulas

Organizing Data
• Working with Named Ranges
• Using Tables
• Sorting Data
• Filtering Information
• Removing Duplicate Rows

Working with Charts and Graphics
• Creating Basic Chart
• Changing Chart Type
• Using Sparklines
• Drawing Shapes
• Inserting a Watermark

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