Date(s) - Wednesday, August 28, 2024
Time(s) - 9:00 am - 11:00 am

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Content planning and a social media calendar can help you stay on top of your postings and be more strategic in what you post!

In this 2-hour virtual training, participants will learn tips & tricks for creating social media content that customers want to know. Learn how to take an event, a sale, or any other important date in business and work backward creating content that initiates buzz, communicates important information, and makes people feel that they have missed out & can’t miss it next time! Participants will leave the training with access to an online calendar which they can start customizing during this training.

Instructor, Kristin Meeks, has been making social media marketing simple since 2010! Her enthusiasm and attention to detail are what sets her apart in the marketing world. She brings her real-life examples and tested methods to each one of her trainings.

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